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10 | GRAVITAS MAGAZINE A s the warm blanket of summer rolls in and my children prepare for their fun-filled break from school, I'm still running at full speed putting the finishing touches on my summer issues. With deadlines stacked to the ceiling, I sprint towards the finish line. I see it up ahead in the distance, it involves me, a mint julep and a lounge chair perched atop a floating barge of enter tainment headed to the Southern Caribbean. Ah, my favorite word in the English language – vacation! As you enjoy your down time this summer, I hope you take a few moments to sit back and relax with us. Within these pages, we've compiled stories that we hope will inspire you, make you think and give you a laugh. Rather than fill the pages with Top 10 lists and celebrity gossip, we give a great deal of consideration to the content we develop. Similar to a seamstress sewing a quilt, we weave together individual voices and various ideas to create a narrative more valuable as a whole than the sum of its par ts. One of the ideas presented in these pages is an ar ticle I penned, The Broken Sisterhood of Business. Most of my professional career, I have been self-employed so, I missed out on the corporate backstabbing. While I skipped the corporate ladder in lieu of entrepreneurial adventures, I've met my share of mean girls in business. Sometimes the competitive nature of women defies logic. Until we recognize the ways that we undermine our own self-esteem and each other, we will hold ourselves back. Thankfully, many positive empowering movements are taking shape today such as the #MakeItFair campaign calling attention to the shamefully narrow field for women in Hollywood. The more women recognize our strength in numbers, the faster fundamental change will happen. Also in this issue, we introduce some amazing women in our community. In our Women in Media feature, we share the stories of four of the top women in radio, television and newspapers in the countr y. We also highlight three fantastic women living their Best Life in ver y different ways from a networking guru to a fashionista to the Chief of Police. We expose the Dirty Little Secrets hiding in our food supply. It's frightening the authority the FDA has given manufacturers to police themselves. A clear example of putting the mouse in charge of the cheese. Sweeping changes need to be made in America to assure our ver y safety. For anyone looking for some enter tainment this summer, we have a plethora of events in our cultural calendar and two historic resor ts to consider if you need a new vacation spot in Flipside: The Gasparilla Inn on Boca Grande and The Wauwinet Inn on the island of Nantucket. And finally, in my column, The Last Laugh, I share with you my sobering reality check when I found out that I have been living a lie. On a final note, I would like to thank ever yone who helps me bring GRAVITAS to life. My talented little team works miracles. I am immensely proud of ever y issue we deliver. Wishing you a safe and relaxing summer. Bon voyage! WELCOME from the Publisher Jules Lewis Gibson Publisher & Editor-In-Chief SUBSCRIBE to GRAVITAS at 5 issues annually for only $12.95. 100% of our subscription profits go to local non-profits supporting women and children. For Modern Women of Style & Purpose TAMPA BAY - SARASOTA EDITION | WINTER 2015 WOMEN IN CORPORATE AMERICA Leisa Weintraub Vice President Neil Communities The NEW Face of Feminism The A rt of Reinvention P E O P L E I D E A S S T Y L E C U L T U R E N E W S $4.95 US G winter15 master FINAL.indd 1 2/24/15 5:09 PM C O A S TA L L I F E S T Y L E S & D E S T I N AT I O N S WINTER 2015 | GULF COAST EDITION VIAGE Group Sarasota Bay EXCURSION: L o n g b o at K e y & n a p L e s To view our other titles visit and

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