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FOR LONG-LASTING VALENTINE'S DAY ROSES By Terril A. Nell, Ph.D., AAF Research Coordinator at the American Floral Endowment (AFE) and Professor Emeritus of Floriculture at the University of Florida Simple Steps 4 A mericans celebrate Valentine's Day with gifts of flowers, candy, cards and more, creating the largest retail sales day of the year for florists. In 2023, customers spent an estimated $2.5 billion on flowers for Valentine's Day. Roses accounted for about 84 percent of those sales, with red roses being chosen most often—69 percent of rose purchases. Delivering high quality roses—those that open fully and last seven or more days—will lead to satisfied customers who will return again and again to your business throughout the year. Because roses are the most popular flower gifts on Valentine's Day, it is especially important to focus on proper care and handling practices tailored to these flowers. Every retail florist can deliver high quality roses by following this simple checklist. BUY PROPERLY TREATED, SHIPPED AND HANDLED ROSES Proper care for roses following harvest is vital for flowers to achieve the best performance and longevity. Ask your growers/suppliers these questions: STEP 1 2 Are roses dipped for Botrytis control following harvest? Research sponsored by AFE, the American Floral Endowment, has identified new dipping solutions, including calcium chloride, for Botrytis control ( 2 Are roses hydrated with a commercial hydration solution following harvest and grading? 2 Are roses treated with an anti- ethylene product? Many rose varieties are ethylene sensitive. 2 Are roses precooled or vacuum cooled to 35 F and maintained in a 35 F cooler until boxed? 2 Are leaves, flowers and stems free from water prior to boxing?

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