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52 April | 2023 Business March | 2023 Don't Be Intimidated Video marketing can be overwhelming if you're just starting out. But fear not. e technology for making and sharing videos is becoming more user-friendly all the time. Frank Blanchard, AIFD, CFD, CEO of ink Flowers Media in Portland, Ore., says that, in video marketing, perfection is your enemy. "When it comes to creating video content, probably the hardest part for many florists is thinking that it has to be rehearsed and perfect," he says. In fact, online consumers gravitate to videos in which people are authentic and in the moment. So let your freak florist flag fly a little. Do you need fancy equipment to shoot videos? Ferrell Richardson, co-owner and creative director of e Cottage Rose, a floral and event planning company in Kansas City, Mo., says no. A good camera phone works just fine. "A lot of florists don't have an in-house videographer or photographer unless they are more established and have the ability to take on that extra staff," Richardson notes. "Most of the time, they are doing that work themselves with their smartphones." If you have a newer phone that comes with a good camera, then you're set. Richardson uses a Polaroid and a 35-mm film camera for shoots, but she uses her phone for photos, as well. "Lighting is key," she points out. "en I edit the videos on the social media platform I'm going to post to, like TikTok or Instagram." Editing Videos e internet has many user-friendly tools for video editing. TikTok and Instagram have video editing tools for sprucing up your videos before you post them. Your computer should have basic video editing software on it, as well—iMovie on Macs and Windows Video Editor on PCs. Other programs allow you to edit and create short-form videos, which are resized for various social media. HootSuite is one such program that is a time-saver for people who aren't tech-savvy, especially if they're editing on their phones. Other top easy-to- use programs include Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier Pro, but there are many others, as well. TIP: If this technology is new to you, ask your kids or grandkids to help. Give them your phone, and they'll show you how to do all of this. ey'll also tell you you're doing it all wrong, but just nod and smile. So, what kinds of videos might a florist make? • Showcasing Products — Maybe you specialize in something that no one else does. Show this off. You can also show customers your latest product shipments, arrangements, in-store displays, etc. Show off the colors and textures of your flowers in a way that makes consumers' mouths water. IF THIS TECHNOLOGY IS NEW TO YOU, ASK YOUR KIDS OR GRANDKIDS TO HELP. GIVE THEM YOUR PHONE, AND THEY'LL SHOW YOU HOW TO DO ALL OF THIS. THEY'LL ALSO TELL YOU YOU'RE DOING IT ALL WRONG, BUT JUST NOD AND SMILE.

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