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F loral designer and educator Amy Balsters, e Floral Coach® and owner of Amy Nicole Floral in Alexandria, Va., remarks that this sumptuous bridal bouquet is a nod to the fall season, which, she says, evokes warm colors and textural seasonal botanicals including grasses, berries and pods. "Using the spiral technique for hand-tying bouquets, I created airy, layered movement with asymmetrical balance by clustering like fl owers and colors together," Balsters says of this design. "Terracing the blooms from low to high and collaring the bouquet with line foliages and grasses create space for each material to be seen and appreciated. Using line materials around the perimeter of the bouquet frames the mass and fi ller blooms and adds a fi nished look without creating density. "A traditional autumnal color harmony is a warm extended analogous palette of red, orange and yellow," she continues. "By removing the middle hue— in this case, orange—I created a diadic color harmony [traditionally, two hues separated by one or two hues on a 12-spoke color wheel or by three or four hues on an 18-spoke color wheel], focusing on tints, tones and shades of yellow and red. e harmony feels a bit unexpected and has a rich aesthetic that is perfect for fall." "Fall "ing in Love This glorious spiral hand-tied bouquet sets a sumptuous tone for an autumn wedding. Floral design by Amy Balsters Photos by Hannah Undseth Design 36 October | 2022

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