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Extra Features and Video Online R E A D O N L I N E 49 Foxgloves Flowers Victoria, B.C. Canada @foxglovesflowers Even though Canada has a swatch of different holidays from its American cousin to the south, it's mostly just a date here or there, or specific wording. Colleen O'Farrell, owner and designer of Foxgloves Flowers in Victoria, British Columbia, says, "e best way for our clients to get in the spirit of the holiday season is to immerse themselves in the scents and textures of the season. ere is something so evocative and inspiring about being around fresh cut evergreens such as cedar, fir, pine, hemlock and balsam, as well as holly, Magnolia, winterberries, snowberries and so many other seasonal botanicals. Our workshops provide a sense of the joy of the holidays, gathering with friends and family, celebrations and human connection." O'Farrell notes that the worst of the pandemic predicated no workshops but that Foxgloves Flowers began offering them again during the holiday season last year (2021). "We offered classes on fresh evergreen wreaths, West Coast winter-wonderland table centerpieces, tabletop decorated boxwood trees and dried floral cloches," she says. Prices for Foxgloves' holiday workshops run between $65 and $85, but that's in Canadian dollars. Converted, that's about $50 to $65, in U.S. dollars. O'Farrell says this price range is affordable for her clientele, as it's typically what a custom-made wreath would cost to purchase. "But with our classes, they get an experience, skills and the joy of making it themselves," she adds. She advises that when pricing workshops, florists need to cover their preparation and teaching time, all the materials they supply and the refreshments they provide—and then add on whatever profit they want to make. "We also have add-on items for students Evergreen holiday wreath workshop participants at Foxgloves Flowers

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