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Design waterfa bouquet A cascading bouquet, of grand proportions, is designed for a bride who wants to make a dramatic— and environmentally responsible—statement. Floral design by Shelly Huynh-Lewis, AIFD, CFD is modern take on an elegant 1920s-inspired cascading bridal bouquet comes to us from Shelly Huynh-Lewis, AIFD, CFD, owner and creative director of Orchid Dynasty in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is designed in an eco-friendly fashion, using biodegradable floral foam in a reusable bouquet holder and compostable cling (plastic) wrap. "If we keep an open mind by experimenting and using old and new techniques, it will teach us to adapt and innovate and give us more opportunities to be creative in more resourceful ways," Huynh-Lewis says. 34 May | 2021 materials FRESH BOTANICALS Gardenia jasminoides (cape jasmine) Dendrobium spp. (Singapore orchid, bamboo orchid) Ranunculus asiaticus (Persian buttercup) Daucus carota (Queen Anne's lace, wild carrot) Jasminum officinale (poet's jasmine/jessamine) Lonicera periclymenum (common honeysuckle, woodbine) Tillandsia usneoides (Spanish moss, graybeard) DRIED/PRESERVED BOTANICALS Ruscus aculeatus (Italian Ruscus, butcher's broom, box holly) Quercus rubra (red oak, Northern red oak) Salvia officinalis (common sage, garden sage) Gypsophila paniculata (stardust baby's breath) Lagurus ovatus (bunny-tail grass) HARD GOODS OASIS ™ Floral Mesh (Gold), OASIS ™ Bind Wire, OASIS ™ Florist Wire and Floratape ® Stem Wrap from Oasis Floral Products/Smithers-Oasis Company Agra-Wool 100% Natural Floral Foam™ from New Age Floral Gala ® Bouquet Holder from FloraCraft Waxed twine (cotton, hemp, jute, etc.) Compostable/biodegradable cling (plastic) wrap Cotton Bouquet and model photo by Christopher Allen Model: Jen Gray @byjengray

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