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10 L ike many in the fl oral industry, Julia Prokhorova's path to fl oristry was not a straight one but rather a passion that turned into a business. After leaving St. Petersburg, Russia, to start a new life for herself, her son and her new husband, in Texas, Prokhorova ran into mountains of red tape as she tried to continue her studies for her Ph.D. in molecular biology. While she waited for bureaucrats to clear the path for her to continue her education and research, she began to create vegetable-and-fl ower arrangements that reminded her of home. Eager to share her creations, she started some social media accounts, and the rest is history. Prokhorova built her business, Wild Veggie Bouquet, in Corpus Christi, Texas, predominantly on Instagram; in fact, that's where I found her. I was mesmerized by her time-lapse videos of her elaborate installations and her gorgeous veggie bouquets. She advises other fl orists to have fun and be consistent to see success with social media. Florist Spotlight Favorite Motto "In this world where you can be anything – be kind." Favorite Flower "I don't want to be boring, but it's a peony. For as long as I learned to appreciate fl owers—the life cycle of this fl ower is so fast, so dramatic and beautiful!" Favorite Floral Designers "I love what Kiana Underwood is doing, and I love my friend Carol Jillian's wearables, and I like the work Sarah Campbell is doing on social media building a fl ower community. I have so many inspiring friends; I'm afraid to forget someone!" Julia's Favorites By Jules Lewis Gibson Julia (Iuliia) Prokhorova Wild Veggie Bouquet Corpus Christi, Texas @wildveggiebouquet March | 2021

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